Frequently Asked Questions

What is CORSPAN?

CORSPAN, the Corporate Speech Pathology Network, is a worldwide organization of Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in communication assessment and training in the workplace.

What Services Do Corporate Speech Pathologists Provide?

Among the services we provide are accent reduction, speech and voice improvement, public speaking instruction, help for people with hearing difficulties, help for people who stutter, cultural sensitivity as it relates to communication, and business communication etiquette.

See our Speech Instruction section for more information on the services that Corporate Speech Pathologists provide.

What Qualifications Do Corporate Speech Pathologists Hold?

All CORSPAN members in the United States have earned either a Master’s degree or a Doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology. They have earned the Certificate of Clinical Competence awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association at some point in their career (along with licensure granted by each state in which they practice). CORSPAN members practicing outside of the U. S. are in compliance with their particular national academic and licensing requirements.

How do I find a Corporate Speech Pathologist in my area?

Locate a Corporate Speech Pathologist in your area using our Find a Speech Trainer search.

What Does CORSPAN Membership Cost?

Annual membership is only $95. This Includes an online listing in the “Find a Speech Pathologist” section of the CORSPAN Website. It lists basic contact information and a description of your services. The public can contact you directly and you can receive referrals through CORSPAN.

See more member benefits.

How long is a CORSPAN Membership year?

CORSPAN uses rolling membership dates. A new membership is effective for one year after payment is processed.

What Will You Do as a Corporate Speech Trainer?

Speech improvement, accent modification, intercultural communication, public speaking, non-verbal communication, voice improvement, speech reading, enhancements for the hearing impaired, written language instruction, Standard American English review, American idioms for non-native English speakers, sales techniques, coaching for interviews, and more!

What Types of Clients Can You Expect to Help?

Managers, scientists, customer service representatives, physicians, entrepreneurs, information technology professionals, physicians, nurses, machine operators, government personnel, sales representatives, clergy, insurance executives, media personalities, investment brokers, real estate developers, market researchers, performers, public officials, fashion designers, broadcast journalists, actors, attorneys, event planners, educators, and more.