Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Corporate Speech Pathologist? What is a Speech Trainer?

A corporate speech pathologist is a speech-language pathologist who specializes in communication assessment and training in the workplace. They are communication specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience in many areas of communication. Speech-language pathologists have studied normal speech and language, as well as speech-language disorders and differences. They have met certain academic and licensing requirements, as outlined below under "What Qualifications Do CORSPAN Members Have?" A speech trainer is also a communication specialist, and may or may not be a speech-language pathologist. Speech trainers can work in many areas of communication, such as presentation skills, speech rate, and many others. However, if a speech trainer is not currently certified or licensed in speech-language pathology, they cannot diagnose or treat communication disorders. Other titles include speech coach, executive speech coach, communication coach, communication trainer, speech teacher, etc. Ask your professional about his/her specific credentials and experience.

What communication services do corporate speech pathologists provide?

Communication skills training can address speech rate, speech volume, voice projection, voice quality, use of filler words, intonation, accents, dialects, presentation skills, intercultural/international communication differences, interview skills, nonverbal communication, hearing impairment, formal vs. informal English, and more.

What qualifications do CORSPAN members have?

All CORSPAN members in the United States have earned a master's degree and/or doctoral degree from an accredited university in Speech-Language Pathology, Communication Sciences and Disorders, or similar fields. They have earned the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) at some point in their career. They have also been licensed by each state in which they practice. International CORSPAN members are in compliance with their particular national academic and licensing requirements. Most CORSPAN members maintain their state license and/or ASHA CCC, but others do not once they become fully involved in corporate speech training.

What types of clients can you help?

Sales representatives, customer service agents, health care workers, information technology professionals, public officials, clergy, insurance agents, media personalities/broadcast journalists, investment brokers, real estate developers, actors, educators, and more.

How do I find a corporate speech pathologist?

Click on "Find a Speech Trainer" and search by name, city, state or region.

How do I become a corporate speech pathologist?

Corporate speech pathology is a specialized area of speech-language pathology. Many speech-language pathologists gradually add corporate speech services to their existing private practice and build up their corporate speech practice slowly. The most common reasons for becoming a corporate speech trainer include independence and work flexibility, client variety, low overhead, reduced paperwork, and motivated clients. Always remember that it takes time to develop a profitable corporate speech business, so be patient and keep your business active!

How do I join CORSPAN?

Click here, then follow the instructions under "How to Join CORSPAN". Membership is only $95.00 per year!