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Testimonials & Success Stories

"I took American Accents 1,2,3 in the hope that I might learn a little more about phonics to teach my ESL students. I got that and much more. As a native speaker, I had no idea that I was teaching my students words with a Kansas accent. Nor was I aware of how important intonation is. I have acquired advanced knowledge about sounds and structure of the English language that I did not learn in high school, or college, or in my 20 years of teaching. Thanks! The class was fabulous, fun and informative!"
~ Valerie Y., Native English speaker and ESL teacher

"American Accents Class has been a wonderful experience for me. I am finding that people seem to understand me better since I have learned to slow down my rate of speech and use correct intonation. I would recommend this class for any non-native speaker who needs individual help in learning more about the English language and in making themselves more easily understood."
~ Nidia A., Native Spanish speaker and ESL teacher

"I learned a lot in just 5 sessions. The things I came to know had a huge impact on my speaking. My corporate speech trainer helped me learn that a lot of small but powerful mistakes can change the meaning of the words or make them difficult to understand, like the sounds: "th" "v" and "r." She also taught me to project my voice better, which is really helpful. I am very thankful to my speech trainer for her dedication to all that she taught me. She is a very experienced and wonderful teacher."
~ Nancy P., Native Hindi speaker

"I completed three introductory (group) courses of American Accent Essentials consisting of cadence, vowels and consonants classes. I highly recommend it to anybody who already learned English as a second language and wants to learn correct pronunciation of English. I will use the correct pronunciation I learned when performing my duties as Instructor and Examiner for the American FAA and European JAA, when performing my duties in classrooms, flight simulators, and business jet aircrafts."
~ Ceferino G., Native Spanish speaker

Howard, an attorney in New York, trained with a corporate speech pathologist to develop a stronger, more dynamic speaking voice, as well as to develop overall confidence in business and social communication. Howard was later able to report that he had been offered the job he was hoping for!

Mauro was an engineer working at a Fortune 100 company. He was from Italy, but was now working in the USA. Mauro's position demanded that he travel internationally, as well as conduct business by phone. He found that many people, especially non-native English speakers, could not always understand him easily, and they would often ask him to repeat what he had said. Mauro worked with a corporate speech pathologist to soften his accent. He and his trainer worked on specific aspects of his speech. After 13 sessions, which included homework, Mauro's speech had improved. He was very pleased with the results, and his wife and co-workers noticed the improvement, as well.