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The Corporate Speech Pathology Network
CORSPAN is an international organization of Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in communication assessment and training for businesses and professionals.
  • Why Join CORSPAN

    A wonderful collaborative community

    CORSPAN is a wonderful community where members collaborate, share resources, and help each other navigate the world of corporate speech training. SLPs with every level of experience can benefit from being a part of this network because members are so generous with their time and knowledge. I felt welcome from the moment I joined, and it has been a pleasure to make so many personal and professional connections with other SLPs who share my interests.●Bob McKinney●Accent and Communication Training, SDSU

  • Why Join CORSPAN

    Goldmine of Resources

    CORSPAN has been a ‘“goldmine' of resources and colleagual support in my fourteen year(post “retirement”) adventure as sole proprietor of Triangle Speech Services, starting with thefounder, Katie Schwartz’ book, The World of Corporate Speech Pathology, right up to arecent interactive webinar where I had the opportunity to be an active contributor and sharepractical tips with several individuals just starting their practices.”●Judith L. Bergman●Triangle Speech Services

  • Why Join CORSPAN

    Education, Support Success

    Corspan offers the opportunity to network and build relationships with Corporate SpeechPathologists around the country- and around the world! Corspan members share knowledgeand expertise to educate, and support the professional success of all. Membership in thisorganization is highly recommended for all Corporate SLP’s.●Anne Marie Strauss, M.S.,CCC/SLP●iSpeakClearly

  • Why Join CORSPAN

    Educational Opportunities

    It was so easy to second guess my decision when I expanded my practice andentered the world of corporate speech training. Luckily I found CORSPAN and thenetworking and educational opportunities it provides. My professional road wouldhave been much rockier without CORSPAN.”●Mary Brawley●PurpleCow

  • Why Join CORSPAN

    Best Investment Yet

    CORSPAN has been the best investment I've made in my business this year! I love thesmall group networking where you can ask questions and really connect with othercorporate speech trainers.●Adrienne Wallace,●OnlineSpeechServices

  • Why Hire a CORSPAN Corporate Speech Trainer

    Cutting-Edge Strategies

    An SLP who belongs to CORSPAN is someone who is knowledgeable and well-trained in the area of accent modification and corporate speech pathology. We have frequent online and interactive meetings, keeping our members apprised of the most current and cutting-edge strategies, techniques and methodologies being used today. A member of CORSPAN is at an advantage because he or she has a well-respected and valuable organization as a resource and is going to be knowledgeable and well-suited for your corporate needs.●Alexis Malis,●Accent Reduction, Inc.

  • Why Hire a CORSPAN Corporate Speech Trainer

    Resources & Referrals

    Corspan was created so that members interested in serving corporate employees could help each other and possibly share resources and referrals. Corspan has benefitted from the expertise and ideas of many members working together.Businesses/organizations can get communication coaching in presentation skills, accent modification, diction and much more from scientifically trained communication coaches/corporate speech pathologists. Corspan helps businesses easily find these experts, now in several countries!●Katie Schwartz●Business Speech ImprovementCORSPAN Founder & President Emeritus

  • Why Hire a CORSPAN Corporate Speech Trainer

    Develop at your own pace.

    Communication is one of the most sought-after soft skills among employers. Professionals who feel that their communication skills can sometimes hinder their progress should consider working with a corporate speech trainer. A corporate speech trainer is specialized in various aspects of communication, and can deliver highly customized training designed to help professionals achieve their workplace communication goals.●Robin Changarathil,●Progressive Speech

  • Why Hire a CORSPAN Corporate Speech Trainer

    Unique Skillset

    CORSPAN Corporate Speech Trainers offer a unique skill set by providing customized professional coaching and training to individuals, organizations and businesses based upon clinical knowledge and real work experiences.●Angela M Cooley,●Life Communications

  • Why Hire a CORSPAN Corporate Speech Trainer

    Trainers around the World

    If your company is looking for a qualified professional to improve the clarity and efficiency of your employees' communication skills, you've come to the right place! CORSPAN gives you access to corporate speech trainers from around the world who can provide accent modification and communication programs that are specific to the needs of your site.●Julie Cunningham,●San Diego Voice and Accent


Our mission is to provide information, resources, networking, and client referrals to our members, while also promoting corporate speech pathology as a service to the public.
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Our organization is a growing community of certified Speech-Language Pathologists who work with professionals to achieve their workplace communication goals. We pride ourselves in our ability to connect with both clients and colleagues, and we would love to hear from you. To our members, we offer professional development, networking, resources, and a sense of community, and to our clients, we offer connections, training, empowerment, and advocacy. Welcome to CORSPAN!


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