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Judith L. Bergman

Triangle Speech Services

Judith L. Bergman, Owner of Triangle Speech Services in Durham, North Carolina, has been a CORSPAN member since 2006. Judith’s corporate speech practice has been focused exclusively on foreign accent and regional dialect modification since 2005. In 2017, Judith began pivoting her business model, focusing on her Legacy Coaching Program for interested colleagues who are just starting to offer corporate speech and accent services.
Judith sees herself as a “tribal elder” and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience from a 53-year career as a speech-language pathologist with her younger colleagues. The Legacy Coaching shares proprietary forms and expertise, “emphasizing motivating, and educating sophisticated adult learners to practice consistently with strategic, recorded feedback.” Judith emphasizes that her “strategies are grounded on evidence-based research on neural plasticity,” which she feels is essential for sustained carryover skills. The Legacy Coaching Program is primarily for colleagues who are already certified P-ESL Instructors (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) with its online client practice portal.
Judith describes herself as “a youthful octogenarian, and every day is a precious day.” In her free time, Judith is active doing Tai Chi, taking online classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and participating in her UU Fellowship choir and a memorial handbell choir, creating virtual choral and handbell productions.


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Ann M. Pannell, MA CCC-SLP

CLARITY Speech Coaching

Ann M. Pannell is a Corporate Speech Language Pathologist, and the owner of Clarity Speech Coaching in Cary, North Carolina. Nationally, Ann is a CORSPAN Board Member and ASHA member (American Speech and Hearing Association). Locally in the Raleigh – Durham area where she lives, Ann is a member of the Women’s Business Groups WIN (Women in Networking) and TWIB (Triangle Women in Business). As a practicing Speech Language Pathologist since 2003, Ann founded Clarity Speech Coaching in 2018: “it’s the greatest gift to help someone communicate and gain confidence, this doesn’t really feel like work”. Ann is a certified COMPTON P-ESL Trainer (Pronouncing English as a Second Language), and her second language is Spanish. She is currently completing her TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification course.  Ann feels that brilliant people are often misunderstood, or don’t get the recognition they deserve, related to English pronunciation and cultural communication barriers or their speaking style. Ann shared a desire to start a POD Cast in order to further educate the public about Corporate Speech Language Pathology and how important it is for both business and personal success.
As a Board Member for CORSPAN, Ann has been able to connect with fellow Corporate Speech Language Pathologists from around the country and world. Ann speaks about the importance of CORSPAN:  “Guidance and support from a colleague is just an email away, as well as access to value training information and other’s training experiences.  CORSPAN is my go-to resource to connect with a colleague for information and to problem solve”.
Ann sees the future of CORSPAN as “one of growth from educating within each member’s community and with adjunct professions. The credibility and impact of CORSPAN from the enormous base of expertise and diversity within the group, are what make each member a stronger service provider and leader.” Ann’s pastimes include tennis, SCUBA, and local community service. She is a proud wife and mother.


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