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A Practical Guide for the Corporate Speech Pathologists on Instagram - Sunday, May 21, 2023

CORSPAN's very own Jason Hall delivers a presentation on the ABCs of Instagram for the Corporate SLP. In this presentation, Jason discusses:
- why it’s so important to utilize Instagram as a part of our business.
- how Instagram will help grow clientele and build awareness about what we do.
- And, he'll walk us through the practical and functional steps to get started with posting on Instagram today!  

Business Building Blocks for the Corporate Speech Pathologist - January 22, 2023

Description of video: Learn how to start or grow your Corporate Speech Pathology business. In this course,
you will learn the critical elements of our foundational framework for establishing and growing a successful business. Examples and discussions provided will be specifically tailored for the aspiring or established Corporate Speech Pathologist.

Presenters: Sonia Sethi-Kohli and Adrienne Wallace

PitchVantage Commercial Presentation

CORSPAN hosted a presentation on the PitchVantage program 

Business Language

Opportunities for the Corporate Speech Pathologist (CSP)

Hands On Training

FlipSwitch Social Media provides a hands-on training on creating TikTok and Instagram Reels videos.

Video Marketing in 2022

FlipSwitch Social Media founder Dan Peterson will provide CORSPAN members with a quarterly training to assist them in their social media marketing efforts.

Accent Experts In Their Own Words

Recently, some Speech-Language Pathologists have voiced concerns about whether it is appropriate to provide targeted phonological instruction (aka “accent modification”) to non-native speakers as an elective service. CORSPAN invited a panel of providers to address these concerns, and this short video includes some of their responses.

Accent Experts Speak

In this CORSPAN professional development event from 8/29/2021, 7 accent modification providers discussed.

CORSPAN Presentations 101

Dr. Rob Portnoy shares his expertise on giving presentations in this CORSPAN Professional Development event from 10-20-2019.

CORSPAN Networking Event 08-18-2019

In this CORSPAN Networking Event from 08-18-2019, members discuss aspects of engaging in the private practice of speech-language pathology.

Effective Target Selection in Accent Modification - CORSPAN Ask Away

In this Professional Development event from 04/19/2019, Robert McKinney outlines methods for target selection in accent modification.

CORSPAN Professional Development - Digital Marketing

In this CORSPAN Professional Development event from 11-14-2019, Dan Peterson from FlipSwitch Consulting Group discusses ways to use digital marketing in the private practice of speech-language pathology.

CORSPAN Professional Development - Transgender Voice

In this CORSPAN Professional Development event from 12-15-2019, Gretchen McGinty and Mary Brawley discuss working with clients on transgender voice as private practitioners of speech-language pathology.

CORSPAN Professional Development: Transitioning to Telepractice

Adrienne Wallace, MBA, M.S., CCC-SLP shares her expertise on transitioning to telepractice in this CORSPAN Professional Development event from 04-19-2020.

CORSPAN Professional Development - Accents and their Impacts

Topic: “Accents and their Impacts”
Presenter: Robert McKinney, M.A., CCC-SLP
Date: 02/09/2020

CORSPAN PD - Nonverbal Communication: Your Key to Attention, Influence, and Energy

Sonja Stetzler, shares her expertise on nonverbal communication in this CORSPAN Professional Development event from 04-26-2020.

CORSPAN Professional Development - Tools, Tips, and Talk

SpeakPulse co-founders, Clayton Terris and Jon Hopkins discuss their app, and San Diego Voice and Accent owner, Julie Cunningham discusses tips on shooting high-quality videos in this CORSPAN professional development session from 5/14/2020.

CORSPAN Professional Development - Coaching Clients for Dynamic Presentations

Expert presenter Karla Beck discusses coaching strategies for working with clients on dynamic presentations in this CORSPAN professional development session from 05/31/2020.

CORSPAN 09/27/2020 Social Media Master Strategy

Expert presenter Kate Evans discusses developing a social media master strategy in this CORSPAN professional development session from 09/27/2020. You can find the supporting materials here.

CORSPAN Linguistic Discrimination and Accent Modification

President Bob McKinney presents on linguistic discrimination and accent modification in this professional development event from 1/31/2021.

Accent Clients in their own words 05/23/2021

CORSPAN invited 6 accent modification clients to discuss their experiences.

CORSPAN 07/25/2021 Developing Presentation Skills Using Digital and Live Coaching Methods

In CORSPAN's second CEU event, Dr. Rob Portnoy presents "Developing Presentation Skills Using Digital and Live Coaching Methods" where he describes digital and live coaching methods used to develop presentation skills with both MBA students and professional practitioners.

CORSPAN 10/24/2021 Preparing Your Social Media for 2022

On 10/24/2021, CORSPAN invited Dan Peterson, the founder of FlipSwitch Social Media to provide members with a quarterly training to assist them in their social media marketing efforts.

CORSPAN 10/28/2021 Networking Event: Conversation Paths

CORSPAN members were invited to meet Anna Vagin, PhD, a recognized expert in social communication, as she demonstrated her new “Conversation Paths Pack Extended Version”. 

CORSPAN 11-07-2021 Greg Wheeler - Wheelhouse Marketing

Greg Wheeler from Wheelhouse Marketing discusses marketing strategy.

CORSPAN 12/12/2021 'Ethics of Accent Modification'

Join CORSPAN president Bob McKinney as he discusses the ethics of accent modification. This 3rd CORSPAN CEU seminar seeks to provide a better understanding of best practices in accent modification and directly addresses the concerns related to the ethical provision of these elective services.

CORSPAN 02-27-2022 Discover Corporate Speech Pathology

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have a unique skill set that makes them highly qualified to provide elective services to clients seeking to improve their communicative efficacy in a corporate setting. The subfield of corporate speech pathology has attracted a growing number of SLPs who seek to use their expertise to help clients achieve their workplace communication goals. While most corporate speech pathologists report some initial challenges in establishing a thriving practice, there is good evidence of high job satisfaction and success. Discover the world of corporate speech pathology, and consider the power it has to transform lives and careers

CORSPAN 05-2-2022 Carryover in Corporate Speech Pathology

On 4/24/2022, CORSPAN founder Katie Schwartz presented “Carry Over in Corporate Speech Pathology: A Crucial Component” where she discusses the ways to help incorporate carryover of a client's goals into his or her workplace and home. It starts with the concept that learners will naturally practice communication skills more if they are relevant to their work/home situations. The course equips learners to choose among a variety of carryover techniques relevant to the corporate client.

CORSPAN Therapy, Training, Coaching – Which is Which and Why: A Guide for Corporate SLPs

To assist Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) realize their objective to provide SLP services to corporations, skills beyond those included in SLP college programs must be understood and mastered in order to add business value. In this CORSPAN presentation from August 14, 2022, Dr. Robert Portnoy describes and demonstrates how SLP’s can learn to develop the communication skills of corporate employees through training and coaching.

CORSPAN Paid Ads & Organic Outreach

In this CORSPAN presentation from 9/11/2022, Jason Hall, owner of Jason Hall Consults, presents the pros and the pros of paid advertising via social media platforms along with organic outreach. YES, he meant it when he said "the pros and the pros!"

CORSPAN Teaching Suprasegmentals: The Overlooked Skills

In this CORSPAN CEU event from 10/23/2022, Paula Gallay presents "Teaching Suprasegmentals: The Overlooked Skills".
Presentation Overview: Learn the importance of teaching suprasegmentals in your accent modification practice. Topics include obstacles to teaching, how to recognize when to address suprasegmental skills, and effective techniques to teaching stress, rhythm, intonation, linking and reductions. Proven techniques explained, with examples.

CORSPAN How to Market your Brand in 2023

In this CORSPAN marketing presentation from 11-13-2022, FlipSwitch Social Media founder Dan Peterson steps outside the realm of social media to cover four elements of marketing, networking and sales that should be implemented immediately to effectively market your business in 2023.

CORSPAN The Digital Landscape: What You Need to Know for 2023

Title: "The Digital Landscape: What You Need to Know for 2023"
Date: Sunday, February 19, 2023

FlipSwitch Social Media founder Dan Peterson will provide CORSPAN members with a full marketing game plan for 2023. Topics of discussion will include:
- Reviewing 2022 - what's changed and what hasn't
- Artificial Intelligence (AI)'s uses for your industry
- The need for long- and short-form videos
- To-do list for Q2
- Q & A