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Triad Speech Consultants help frustrated professionals and college students communicate effectively and confidently so that they have more opportunities and make more money. Most of our clients speak with a foreign accent or regional accent and want their listeners to attend to their message and not to their accent. We don’t eliminate your accent, it is a unique and interesting part of you! Our results-driven and evidence-based program guide our clients to increased clarity with work on pronunciation, voice projection, intonation, presentation skills, and small talk skills. We combine individual or group sessions with strategic practice and use of an effective online program, and individualized mobile practice recordings. Triad Speech Consultants have a high success rate; our clients regularly improve their speech clarity by over 60%, grammar by 50% and experience considerable growth in confidence. We work with clients individually or in small groups and online and in person. Accent modification training is an investment in your future. With our assistance, some clients have had their employers contributed or even covered the cost of this training.
We work with determined individuals and groups in person and online. Our clients include small business owners, business professionals from global companies, medical professionals, university researchers, and university students. We have also worked with teenagers determined to master American English. .
-Accent modification for non-native English speakers.
-Accent modification for persons that speak with a regional accent or dialect.
-Reducing use of Upspeak.
-Articulation Therapy.
-Interview preparation.



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