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The Speech Effect is a corporate consultation company comprised of Speech Language Pathologists that works to address communication inefficiencies within a company’s workforce. We perform individual assessments on employees to determine their communicative strengths and weaknesses, then create an action plan on how to improve them. We perform our services via Zoom with a flexible schedule, making it easy to gain this valuable skill set, no matter where you live!

We offer two programs:

  • Business communication coaching, which targets components such as improving confidence with public speaking, delivery (i.e. rate, pausing), content organization (i.e. brevity), vocal dynamics (i.e. tone of voice, intonation variation), and pragmatics (i.e. tactfulness)
  • Pronunciation coaching, which includes adjustment of prosodic features and articulation.
Improvement in these areas of communication can benefit the company by increasing productivity, increasing diversity efforts, improving employee retention, increasing sales, as well as improving employee and customer satisfaction!

Are you interested in either individual coaching or corporate training for your employees? Reach out today at: to learn more!



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